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Additive manufacturing technology, processes and services
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More than two decades of additive manufacturing experience

TWI has been at the forefront of metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology development for the last 25 years, and has built up detailed knowhow covering fundamental technology development, production and commercial exploitation.

We have worked with a diverse range of organisations and industry sectors including aerospace, oil and gas, defence, power and medical, identifying ways for them to exploit the opportunities AM presents and helping them integrate AM into their products.

Today we are also supporting standards organisations and global companies to expedite the industrial exploitation and adoption of AM technologies, and to help businesses fully realise the benefits offered by this revolutionary manufacturing technology.

Whatever the nature of your business, our multidisciplinary engineers, technicians and scientists can help you reap these benefits – whether you wish to carry out manufacturing production or commission capability acquisition projects, or are looking to produce new or legacy parts using AM technologies.

How TWI can help your business

At TWI we have a core team of more than 35 committed full-time to development of AM technology and provision of AM services. Their knowledge and experience covers every key aspect of AM fabrication and integration – from design and build to validation and certification.

The AM team is supported by the rest of TWI’s engineering capability, with hundreds of scientists, engineers and researchers specialising in every facet of materials joining, structural integrity and materials science.

We can help you understand and realise the benefits of AM for remanufacturing and repair, surfacing and original builds. We can advise you on design parameters, material selection and process choice, and use computer modelling to optimise your designs. We can test your AM parts, mechanically and non-destructively, using the most suitable test types.

We can support you as you invest in AM hardware, guiding its integration into your business. And using our full range of metal AM equipment, covering every major process, we can create custom parts and structures optimised for your needs.

Explore our website to read more about each element of our capabilities, or contact us to discuss how we can help your business harness AM. 

Click here to see a virtual tour of our laser additive manufacturing facility in Sheffield.

Numerical modelling and computer simulation to refine designs and processes.

An in-depth understanding of material properties, ensuring the right material for your application.

Full range of AM equipment covering every process for manufacture, repair and prototype development.

Advice on the most effective testing method for any combination of component material and geometry.

Extensive facilities for full scale and bespoke mechanical testing of large, small or complex components.

Automate and streamline manufacturing processes through adoption of Industry 4.0 digital manufacturing.

Driving product certification and standards development to meet industry’s requirements.