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Project support from TWI in additive manufacturing
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At TWI we carry out hundreds of projects each year, ranging in scope from consultancy on specific issues that delivers results within days, to exploratory research programmes that can span several years.

Our work with additive manufacturing (AM) is spread across the whole range of project types. Below you can find out more about each of these and view some examples of our AM work in each area.

Single client projects

Every year we conduct hundreds of highly confidential single client projects for our customers. Examples could include guidance on the best AM process for a certain application, support generating a business model, or creation of a bespoke part.

These example case studies can be viewed on the main TWI website:

Visit the case study database on our main website to learn how we have helped our Members over the years.

Core research projects 

Every year we invest £4 million into a market-driven schedule of research that investigates areas of interest relevant to multiple industry sectors. Results are made available to TWI Member companies, whose interests determine the direction of future research.

The full breadth of our Core Research Programme can be seen in the core research projects list on the TWI website. Case studies demonstrating our core research in AM can be viewed below:

Full technical reports of core research projects are only available to Industrial Members of TWI. However, some example abstracts can be viewed via these links:

Joint industry projects

In joint industry projects we coordinate groups of companies, pooling resources towards achieving a shared goal. The results of the research are available exclusively to the project’s sponsors. In this way, the challenges faced by industry can be overcome without a single organisation having to shoulder the entire burden.

We are currently working with Lloyd’s Register, Laborelec and Rolls-Royce on a major joint industry project relating to AM certification: 

Listed below are more examples of AM Joint Industry projects:

Review the full list of TWI's joint industry projects on our main website.

Publicly funded projects

As one of the world’s leading engineering research companies we are often involved in large-scale research projects funded by innovation grants. On these projects we work closely with businesses, universities and research and technology organisations to develop novel technologies and solutions that are in the public interest.

This downloadable PDF booklet reflects all of our AM collaborative project involvement from the last five years.

Here are some examples of our work on publicly funded AM projects:

We were also closely involved with the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative project, which awarded more than £15 million funding to more than 50 projects from UK-based companies.

You can view a comprehensive list of the publicly funded projects TWI is involved in on our main website.

Exploratory research projects

Our most fundamental research is found in our exploratory research programme. Around 40 such projects are launched every year, giving our scientists and engineers a chance to explore completely new ideas. This article on the TWI website introduces the programme in more detail and summarises ten recent projects.

The exploratory programme currently includes projects focusing on both laser metal deposition and electron beam AM.

For more information on any of the above projects, contact us.

Technology transfer

TWI has a history of supporting UK-based organisations as they adopt new technologies or break into new industry sectors. We recently worked with SMEs in the north of England to help them capitalise on opportunities in the offshore wind sector, and continue to work with SMEs in Scotland to help them win work in the nuclear supply chain.

Read our case study to see two examples of how TWI has helped small businesses.

Now, through the Additive Manufacturing Technology Transfer project, we are offering companies in England a chance to benefit from this experience in the form of up to seven days’ free, targeted technical support for AM. Contact us to find out more.