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Engineering solutions in additve manufacturing for industry
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Engineering solutions for greater efficiency, safety and reliability

Companies all over the world choose TWI as their trusted partner for highly confidential projects that seek to improve the safety, efficiency and profitability of their work.

We work with industrial organisations of every size, providing services including problem-solving consultancy, applied research and internationally recognised training and certification.

Our dedicated additive manufacturing (AM) team can help you exploit AM technology in a way that lets you work with more efficiency, agility and creativity.

Research and innovation

TWI has a long history of innovation and invention, being the originator of technologies including friction stir welding, laser cutting and the crack tip opening displacement fracture toughness test.

By applying this spirit of original thinking to AM technology, over the last 25 years we have evolved AM processes to the point where they now represent a viable and superior alternative to conventional manufacturing for a wide range of applications.

Visit the Research and Innovation page on the main TWI website for more information on this aspect of TWI’s work.


We offer consultancy services to industrial organisations around the globe, from every industry sector and of every size, from start-ups and SMEs to some of the largest multinationals.

Talk to us about your work and the direction of your business, and let us identify how AM can support you on your journey. Whether you are only at the concept stage or already use AM and want to be sure you are getting the most from it, we can help.

Visit the Consultancy page on the main TWI website for more details of how we support our customers.

Fabrication and testing

Whether you wish to explore manufacture of a specific part using AM and are looking for a partner to perform the fabrication, or you already produce AM parts and want assurance that they can be relied upon, we can provide the service you need.

We have cutting-edge AM equipment for performing every major metal AM process, as well as expertise and equipment covering the full spectrum of mechanical and non-destructive tests.

Visit our Capabilities page for the full portfolio of our technical support.

Standards and certification

TWI is an influential contributor on committees for a great number of national and international standards. We are working with companies including Lloyd’s Register to lead the drive towards introducing standards and certification specifically for AM, to provide industry with the assurance it needs to fully embrace AM technologies.

Visit our Standards and Certification page for more details, or the Standards Development page on the main TWI website to read about the full breadth of our standards activities.

Technology transfer

TWI has a history of supporting UK-based organisations as they adopt new technologies or break into new industry sectors. We recently worked with SMEs in the north of England to help them capitalise on opportunities in the offshore wind sector, and continue to work with SMEs in Scotland to help them win work in the nuclear supply chain.

Read our case study to see two examples of how TWI has helped small businesses.

Now, through the Additive Manufacturing Technology Transfer project, we are offering companies in England a chance to benefit from this experience in the form of up to seven days’ free, targeted technical support for AM. Contact us to find out more.


As well as being a leading light in the world of engineering consultancy and research, TWI is also the world’s largest training provider in welding, inspection and related technologies. 

If you are considering installing AM equipment and want support with its use, we can provide guidance and instruction covering every aspect of its operation.

Contact us to talk to us about your training needs or, to see the full range of training opportunities TWI provides, visit our Training and Examinations website.